An image looking out over a seascape, presumably in the Caribbean. The water surges in the foreground with white swells crashing over a rocky gray shoreline. In the middle and background, the sea is calmer, ranging in colour from greenish-blue to dark navy. The sky is clear and blue, dotted with a few clouds.
Text reading: The sea behind the house where I was born was a rough country sea, with a long wide shining white beach. I recall waking up each day to discover what it had brought us, and what it had carried away. The word gaze only applied to water. To look into this water was to look into the world, or what I thought was the world, because the sea gave one an immediate sense of how large the world was, how magnificent and how terrifying. The sea was its own country, its own sovereignty. There was always some uncontrollable news from it.
Excerpt from A Map to the Door of No Return: Notes to Belonging by Dionne Brand. First published by Vintage Canada in 2001.